The Reason Why The Total Price Is Really Important For Homeowners

If you happen to be considering advertising your home, you must give attention to choosing the sales price just right. This is likely just about the most typical and also one of the most high priced errors home sellers tend to make. For starters, placing the particular asking price far too low could allow you to generate losses. Placing the actual asking price far too high will likely dissuade consumers from wanting to make a special offer. Make sure you go to tepilo for you to see exactly what ways this particular blunder might affect you.

Several house owners just think that they could lift or maybe decrease the cost of their valuable home if they want to. Yes, it’s correct that you can boost or even lower the asking price of your own home at any time. Nonetheless, constantly changing the buying price of your home may cause loads of complications. In case you want to decrease the price tag, for potential buyers it may appear to be the house is not desirable. Boosting your price tag following the original amount might intimidate potential buyers also.

It could be a good idea to call a real estate pro like Sarah Beeney. A good real estate property expert may perhaps be in the position to choose the best price level for your home. These types of pros deal with houses every single time and really should manage to check out your home and choose an affordable selling price.

The Reason Why Working With A Criminal Lawyer Will Likely Be Crucial

Whenever a person has been arrested, it’s usually a good suggestion for them to seek the services of a legal professional that can help. While the individual may know quite a bit concerning the criminal law in the region, they don’t know nearly enough to be able to provide their very own defense and could effortlessly make a blunder which means they’re found guilty as well as sentenced to the highest sentence. Anytime they elect to work together with a lawyer, they’re able to keep away from this as well as make sure they obtain a significantly better final result for their own situation.

A legal professional is actually acquainted with the neighborhood, state as well as federal law, as well as the case law for them, and also knows exactly how to help their particular client. They will know if perhaps further research will be required, if perhaps the proof may be suppressed so it can’t be applied, and if there’s anything at all they are able to do to lower the risk of their particular client being found guilty. If there is no means to avoid a guilty verdict, the attorney will probably know exactly what to do to be able to decrease the sentence the person is actually facing by agreeing to a plea deal or asking for leniency.

In case you’ve been arrested, don’t attempt to manage this all on your own. Be sure you contact a Los Angeles criminal defense law firm in order to uncover just how they’re able to assist you. Much more information on exactly why you ought to work with a law firm can be located by visiting right now.

Understanding the Concerns and Expenses of Manufacturing

The difficulties and stresses facing production companies in the end discover their own way to be able to the manufacturing plant floor, wherever managers possess to package with these people through a number of sort associated with organizational construction. Unfortunately, this kind of structure generally is on its own part regarding the difficulty. Furthermore, troubles in some sort of corporation’s production organization usually surface from about the actual same period as issues in typically the rest involving the business, and they will surface throughout a range of techniques. Learn More by simply clicking right here or even continuing to examine this article.

For instance, a rapidly-growing firm had above in dimension in some sort of ten-year interval. Its producing organization ended up being basically the particular same with the conclusion of that will period since before, decided by any powerful president with regard to manufacturing and also a powerful central employees, despite the actual fact in which its product or service line experienced broadened substantially, that the actual organization had been beginning for you to make a lot of more associated with the ingredients it previously purchased, as well as that the actual number involving plants got both enhanced and propagate into several countries. Some sort of sluggishness along with sense regarding lost route began in order to afflict the particular manufacturing business, as over head and logistical costs risen spectacularly. Check It Out right here or perhaps click on this useful link.

A business had placed together some sort of party associated with a few significant divisions that will made impression in words of their very own financial as well as marketing and advertising synergy. Yet these kinds of divisions’ production organizations experienced little within common, tiny internal way, and simply no overall synchronization. The primary business ended up being confronted along with a sequence of higher capital requests and also had very little understanding regarding either their very own absolute worth or typically the priorities which should end up being attached to be able to them.

Any fast-growing firm in some sort of new market had with regard to a range of yrs operated within a seller’s market, exactly where competition ended up being based in quality and also service somewhat than cost. Its making organization ended up being highly decentralized and skilled at brand-new product launch and rapid product mixture changes. Within the 1971s severe market overcapacity and also price competitors caused business sales to be able to level off of and revenue to fall for typically the first time period in the history. Making efficiency as well as dependability obviously had in order to be increased, but presently there was concern of unsettling larger businesses. Select this particular site link for more information.

Find Out How To Increase The Conversion Rate For Your Own Web-site

Getting somebody to check out a web site is the first step. To develop a buyer from a site visitor, the web-site will need facts a person could find valuable and also has to be done well so the man or woman wishes to remain on the website longer or perhaps make a purchase from the site. A great way to do this is to generate top quality content material for the web site. The website should include a range of content, which includes movies that will seize a guest’s focus and cause them to become far more enthusiastic about the organization.

Generally, there’s two kinds of videos a webmaster might contemplate. They’re going to need to consider creating informative movies which do not automatically sell something, however that offer the web-site visitor more details. This kind of video clip is frequently desirable to consumers because they’re able to learn something totally new and therefore will likely be amazing for search engine marketing purposes. A different sort of video clip is one that markets an item. These types of videos may be essential as they are able to help clarify the merchandise to a possible consumer and also display the reason why the prospective consumer will need the product.

Whenever a site owner desires to create a video clip for their own web site, they’ll desire to consider utilizing a video production service. A professional will be able to handle each part of creating the movie to be able to make sure the final movie will be high quality and precisely what the site owner wanted. This lets them generate an amazing movie that site visitors are really going to want to see as well as that will probably be a great way to entice many new visitors. The professional might furthermore provide ideas to help make the video clip better and may help the company owner create a selection of movies at once to be able to incorporate into the website if they desire.

If you happen to be searching for a way to generate a higher conversion rate for your webpage, think about developing a movie to have on the web site. This will have a substantial influence on the quantity of consumers who check out the website. For more information on working with a specialist to be able to create a movie, take a look at Suite Spot at now. They can assist you to produce the movie you want.

Divorce Lawyer Offers Assistance Pertaining to Life’s Concerns

Have you ever recently been looking at the actual newspaper, or maybe observing news, and then stopped to take into account how rapidly that a number of peoples’ everyday lives merely happened to change? A lot of people were going about their particular business one day, and and then, the following, out of the blue found themselves within an unbelievably unexpected predicament. Perhaps these people abruptly found themselves a individual in a unpredicted situation which will involved chaotic offense, or simply these people were included in a accident that, over the neglectfulness of someone else, received life transforming consequences. We don’t stay inside of a perfect world, in addition to daily life may change quickly.

There’s a lot to be mentioned regarding getting a family lawyer. The idea is comparable to developing a pediatrician, dental office, as well as animal medical practitioner for a dog. You’ve people to whom a person can speak to with regard to assistance within the unlucky predicament associated with a disastrous occasion. If you are wounded in an crash, charged with a crime, or even seem to be involved in a poisonous argument with your next door neighbor, your emotions are likely to be operating within an record high, you’re quite possibly experiencing discomfort, on medicines, and not considering clearly, and you will probably profit greatly from your clever guidance along with set up relationship of someone who’s a personal injury and family law expert.

Consider what you would accomplish when a person could need criminal defense. Who is the first particular person you’d contact? Your neighborhood family legal professional will there be to aid along with advise you throughout life’s authorized difficulties, whether they are the need for some sort of divorce lawyer, assist gathering little one support or determine guardianship pertaining to some minor kid or elderly person who has come to be incompetent. Because the particular legal occupation is dependent on legal guidelines, which are concurrently incredibly accurate but yet occasionally difficult to comprehend, having an “interpreter” is undoubtedly involved with excellent benefit assuming you realize you are thrust to a circumstance where you must turn out to be informed about essentials inside a short time frame. No matter what your particular need, it really is great to have a family attorney exactly who you can turn pertaining to help and advice when you browse through the particular concerns associated with everyday life in addition to their related lawful dangers.

Choosing the Appropriate Advertising and Marketing Provider for Your Company

Advertising has come a long way during the past 20 years. With the introduction of the web along with products such as Netflix and Sirius radio, businesses can not depend entirely on TV and also broadcast advertising and marketing. To get the information to the target audience, one must use the world wide web along with technological innovation. This is basically the only way to move up when it comes to search engine ranking positions, boost company awareness, and improve earnings. To do this, San Diego advertising agencies currently make use of a number of tactics. This can include SEO, online site along with custom logo design, and online marketing. In the event your present advertising and marketing business is not completing this task, it is time to choose a new one and quite a few decide on nKlik (

In the past, search engine ranking optimization typically concentrated on the customer’s website. Today it includes a a lot more than merely the site. One must make certain their PPC campaigns are likewise optimized along with their social networking campaigns, e-mail marketing endeavors, and even more. The company starts with the website and after that progresses to the other areas, to help a client watch his / her company website go up within the search engine ranking positions, bringing in new customers along with more product sales.

Whenever one goes to market their products in the current aggressive industry, the focus must turn to computerized opportunities. A lot of companies elect to promote their business on television and even the airwaves, however this is not sufficient. Now a company needs to advertise on the net, on social networks, in retail locations, as well as on smart phones. Interactive marketing carries on to develop and broaden and companies need to understand their particular audience, just what they are looking for, and where they go to search for the information. The material needs to be informative and useful and also the website has to be user friendly for great results. NKLIK ( will be of assistance in each of these areas.

Brand awareness is important in the prosperity of one’s company. Whenever one sees the Nike swoosh, they are aware of precisely which firm is being represented, even if the advertising and marketing does not explicitly display the company brand name. A business logo logo will become associated with their specific products and services, therefore caution must be used when designing this company brand. NKLIK delivers customized creative logo design, creating a logo that satisfies and exceeds client expectations while accurately representing the correct persona for your brand.

When it comes to marketing and advertising agencies within San Diego, NKLIK ( is the place to go. Known for finishing assignments in a timely manner, NKLIK offers reasonable prices irrespective of a company’s budget. Ask a quotation today because the faster you begin improving your marketing campaign, the quicker you will notice an outstanding ROI. You cannot afford to fall behind competitors and nKlik makes certain this doesn’t happen, offering a variety of products and services to meet the demands of all clients.

Doing Business During a Recession

It has be a few years since we went through a recession. According to some economist it has been since 2001 that we have enjoyed a recession. It might be a good time for a refresher course in how to do business during a recession.

There are a few key points to consider during tough economic times. Some have to do with common sense, which is always in short supply during a crisis. Others have to do with things that slip our minds and things we simply forget about until they come up again.

Customers, Shoppers and Buyers become more Cautious

The squeeze of every economic slowdown and recession is first felt by the consumer. They will know of a problem long before any government economist will admit that there is a problem.

Energy prices rise, food prices rise and pay days don’t. In the case where there is a commission based job in the household the paycheck may even take a dip during slow economic times. Combined with the rise in energy and food prices this puts a terrible squeeze on the household budget.

Therefore, your customer is going to spend less simply because they have less to spend. Be aware of this in your marketing and you can still garner your share of their spendable income.

Know your Strengths and Capitalize on them

If you are a casual dining restaurant that has a menu with items priced under $10 now is not the time to introduce your new, higher priced menu. Save that for when your customers have more spendable income and can afford to pay more to eat out.

Your mission during tough times is to survive like anyone else. Take a look at your menu. Find the high profit items on your menu and feature them in your advertising. Also know what your most popular items are and help people to know that you have them. Do you have a sign board outside of your restaurant? If so, use these items as your daily specials and price them right for your customers.

Be Smart with your Purchases

A very wise businessman taught me that there are 2 ways to make money when you sell something. Obviously, you make money on the difference between your cost and the selling price. However, what most people don’t realize is that you made money when you bought the item if you paid less for it.

Now is the time to comparison shop. Now is the time that you might pick up a new vendor or 2 through comparing what you are doing now and the other options that are available to you.

You have to understand that tough economic times reach way up the food chain. Your vendors are also having to scramble to do business. They too will be looking at how to continue selling during a recession. Being competitively priced is going to be one way that they survive. It is not wrong to competitively shop and force your vendors to cut prices in order to keep your business.

You should also take a look at what you can do yourself that you once hired out. For instance, there are probably maintenance items that you might have hired out that you could do yourself if you put your mind to it. Washing windows, plunging a toilet or maintaining equipment are all examples of things you might once have hired out that you now must do for yourself. Don’t hire an electrician to change a light bulb and don’t call a technician to replace a printer on your poit of sale system.

Be sure to use the Internet and search engines to help locate better pricing and help maintaining equipment. There are thousands of resources on the Internet that can help with better prices on inventory items, do-it-yourself help sites and even sites to buy equipment at drastically reduced prices.

Be smart in all aspects of your business and you will survive this recession.

Garnering Traffic Online – Why Use Twitter For Business?

If you own business, whether it is a new business or a business that has been around for a long time, you will know that marketing your business is very important if you want it to survive. There is no business in the world that can survive without some sort of marketing. In the older days there was word of mouth, and almost all business depended on their loyal customers and clients to tell the people they knew about a certain business.

New Method of Marketing:
This type of marketing was very effective and did the job for almost all of the businesses around. Then, a few years later, came newspapers, and people started using those as a marketing tool, and then came the radio and that become a marketing tool and then after that came the TV and that too became a marketing tool. After all of the changes in the marketing arena word of mouth fell away, and people were paying to get word of their business out to the general public, and other people stopped talking about great service they got at places.

Marketing Cost Effectively!
However, word of mouth marketing has made its way back on the scene, in a way. This has come about with a brand new marketing tool, and probably the biggest marketing tool that mankind has ever seen -the internet. There are many different types of ways to market your business on the internet. Yes, you do get the paid ways, and many people are using these ways to get their messages out, but word of mouth has made it back through social networking websites. Take Twitter as an example, it has not been around for a very long time, but it has helped many people market their company at no cost, and all they needed to do is sign up to get a profile.

Social Networking and Marketing:
With most social networking websites, like Facebook for example, you need to have people on your profile in order for them to see what you are doing. However, with twitter, if you made your profile public, anybody searching the network with a keyword that relates to your blog will be able to see what you are up to.

Marketing For Your Business:
This is why so many businesses have started using this method of advertising. Say you sell houses in the US and want people to visit your site. All you need to do is join Twitter, make your profile public and start tweeting with keywords you think people will type into the search function of the Twitter site, like House for Sale. Once people find your tweet, they find your site and you start getting more traffic at your official website because of the Twitter blogging network. The more people that find your blog, the more potential traffic you get.

Low Thyroid Levels And A Free Test You Don’t Need To Pay For

With Low Thyroid Levels, no honest progress is made not including the open mind of discovery. A clever Russian expression is accepting as true everything but confirm it. Are you prepared?

The deep pot hole in your smooth ride to diagnosis is the gold standard of thyroid diagnosis, the TSH blood test. It is the one test most often used. I believe you will be missed and suffer significantly longer if you trust only it.

Herein is a pathway you can add more authentication to your alleged low thyroid diagnosis. It will rule it out. It will warn you that is an effective indicator of low thyroid levels. Its philosophy are well recognized by world published Dr Omura at Columbia University Medical School. To be clear, this is a combination of lots of authors and presented here for your deliberation. Ready? No Pain now. No expense. To proceed, bunch up your fingers on your left hand and place the 5-bunched tips 2 inches higher than your belly button. Keep them there for the duration of the whole test. This will make the test more accurate.

Write the word shame on a 3×5 card and turn it down on the table face down. Now note the word God on another card. Turn it face down. Write the word low thyroid on a card and turn it face down. Write the word malaria on a card and turn it face down. By now you should have 5 or 6 cards to “try with” Okay? Now remain standing with your feet close together. Pick up a card and place it at the base of your neck. Close your eyes and check which way you tilt, (Forward or back) keep with me now. Review the piece of paper and comprehend what it says. If you chose the card “shame” and you leaned rearward then you distinguish that the statement-card disrupts you. If the statement “God” caused you to you hunch, then everything explicitly honorable and powerful will incite you to lean forward. Now for the body muscle trial, be accepting this works rather well. Its secret is that it will disturb your body balancing or sturdiness when things are put into its field. Deposit anything in the field namely unhealthful and you will sway to the rear. Even if you just put the name on paper. BUT if you laugh please progress on. I don’t want you to lose a chance to garner a fair diagnosis… Try this, test a pouch of aspartame. Investigate some strong substance… don’t hurt yourself. You will realize bad things force you sway backward. Now put out some blank cards. Put the title low thyroid on one and turn it face down. Put the designation high thyroid levels on a new card and turn it face down. Stick malaria on a card as well as shame and a million dollars. Now choose one card. Don’t scan. Situate it at the starting point of the neck. Close your eyes. Situate your feet close together and wait. Inquire you slant back or to the fore. Then examine every card. Test every piece of paper. So how about the low thyroid card? Did you teeter backward? In that case you in all probability have more heavyweight verification you are low thyroid. Believe me If you swayed backward you should suppose you are low thyroid. Carry on amassing confirmation.

Practice makes perfect. Get familiar here with test. It can help you to see if this food is beneficial for you or it the deodorant you wear unbalance you. Test your coffee and some green tea. Sway forward it is probably good for you… Sway back well you know….

Well, so to assess the conditions we are going to apply what is called kinesiology. This is regularly referred to as the muscle test. So bear the card with malaria printed on it and fix it close to the navel. If you lean forward then that means you do not have malaria. If you lean backwards, then that measures that you do. This is a high-quality reference to support that this check works. I do not recognize how but it is the most perfect examination I have ever used to date. So now do this with the piece of paper that says Low Thyroid Levels and do the same check. This will signal whether your Thyroid Levels are not optimal for your body.

If the body temp is 97 F or below for 10 days you have low thyroid operation according to Dr Broda Barnes and his oceans of study linking low thyroid levels. He found no correlation concerning the TSH and further blood tests involving the body temp. So is your way of thinking still available? Lend it a go.

Has it occurred to you to put to the test the expressions “I necessitate natural thyroid supplements?” and “I necessitate more Iodine?” Supplementing Iodine with any thyroid treatment is unconditionally a necessity. Do talk about this with a medical practitioner who is acquainted with its application. (The body sway experiment or Kinesiology) I expect it foolhardy to poll a reverend regarding meditation, or perhaps not.

Lawless Government – The Great Non-Sequitur of the Last Days

The idea of lawless government seems like a non sequitur but through the eyes of Biblical prophecy it is not. Indeed it is a promise of scripture and a description of a time when government will be at a peak but the laws governing personal moral behavior will have reached all new lows beyond anything in past history.

It is interesting that the call to this non sequitur will be much like the slogan of the Obama campaign catch phrase used in the 2008 election. Put simply it is the call for change: the definition, final outcome or stated purpose of the change does not have to be clarified. It is akin to the exasperated cry of the weary worker who says to his wife “We just need to get out of here for a while and maybe take a little vacation.” The feeling that a change is desired comes long before it is actualized or planned. The call for change is seeking only agreement not necessarily a definition or any specifics.

The promised rise of the world’s last and worst dictator says that he too will be a man that calls for change. He will think to change the very way we perceive time and history. Not possible you say? Consider Adolph Hitler’s call for a thousand year rule of the Third Reich. He pulled that one out of the little hat that housed his very large megalomaniacal head and actually got thousands of Germans on board with his idea of Nazi supremacy.

The Antichrist will do pretty much the same thing but rather than waiting for a new millennial period to begin he will simply propose that we rearrange the history preceding him and all the events that follow. “And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.” (Dan 7:25)

It could be said that one of the chief reasons Hitler failed and Antichrist does not is because Hitler came before his time. The Antichrist however comes at exactly the right time. The world will have been well prepped in his time. Religion will be apostate having replaced the call to salvation with ceremonial and traditional beliefs that leave out accountability to the creator God and his singular Savior who rather than being a great teacher or leader is the very incarnation of the living God, in the form of a man, namely, Jesus Christ.

The world banded together to defeat Hitler but due to moral conditions in the last day the world will join with the Antichrist to bring in their own all new version of the thousand year reign. It will not look as militant and aggressive as the schemes of Hitler but will be a seemingly homogeneous meld of political correctness, global cooperation, environmentalism and happy days of worldwide brotherhood. John Lennon would be delighted.

The antichrist’s rise will be predicated on the need to solve worldwide problems such as war and economic instability. He will be a man who knows full well the meaning of yet another slogan that came into vogue during the 2008 election year, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

The world is mesmerized by pop figures that seem larger than life in our culture and problem solvers who are larger than life in our leadership and government. Antichrist happens to fit the profile for both. He will, for a time at least, find a way to cut back warfare in various parts of the world and stabilize a teetering worldwide economy. It might be said that; to the world he looks just too good to pass up.

Lawless government is hard to understand apart from a clear understanding that law has different levels and administrations. The best example to explain these levels is in the ancient Law of Moses. Comprised of three basic divisions the Mosaic Law is the perfect example of how nations can split the hairs just as ancient Israel has done, by picking the part of the law they found easiest to enforce, they brought their nationhood to an end.

Mosaic Law is comprised of the ceremonial law, the hygienic law and the moral law. Ceremonial law spoke to the methods and practice of religious ceremonies and concerned itself with proper procedures in the practice of the ancient temple system of worship. Hygienic law had to do with washing of hands, temple vessels and what meats were clean or unclean.

The third and most important aspect of the Mosaic Law was the moral law but this is where Israel failed the most. At the top of the moral law were the Ten Commandments.

The moral law was fully incorporated by Christ into a singular and final law sometimes referred to as “The Royal Law of the Scriptures.” That law is defined by a single verse of New Testament scripture, “And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself.” (Luke 10:27)

The Royal law held God as the main focus of our love and our neighbors as well. No one goes after his neighbor’s wife if he loves his neighbor. No one steals from someone they love. No one murders anyone, if they love them.

In the hands of secularists, the deviant and the generally disobedient this law has been twisted to mean that if you love people you will not charge anyone with immoral behavior because that would be overtly un-loving and thus not in keeping with the Royal Law of Scriptures.

It is the Royal Law that comes under serious attack as the last days approach. Speaking of conditions that will prevail near the end of the age Christ said, “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.” (Mt 24:12)

To proclaim that God’s pronouncements against homosexuality are binding moral laws will be detested, challenged and rejected as un-loving. Following those objections many will conclude that such proclamations are contrary to civil rights, first amendment freedoms, or injurious and defamatory to the homosexual.

To reiterate, preach, or attest to God’s proclamations will be seen as un-loving and defamatory yet all the while the real reasons for proclaiming his laws are exactly the opposite. To the Christian, not telling someone of a behavioral choice that will cost someone their eternal destiny is extremely irresponsible and anything but loving. Proclaiming the moral laws that are intrinsic to the Royal Law is an ultimate act of love.

The ultimate master of lawlessness and anarchy in the last days is called the “man of lawlessness.” (2 Thess 2: 3 NAS) The height of perversion will have been reached and surpassed because he will actually be ruling the world from one end of the globe to the other. (Rev 13: 7) Here is where the incongruity reaches critical mass. How can a lawless individual propose, legislate or enforce any laws if he is “lawless?”

The kinds of laws that are loosened, changed or disregarded are all those that have to do with our personal behavior and matters of choice. We are now accustomed to abortion on a world wide scale (150 million to date) and nationally (50 million) and now it is no longer considered a hot button topic but is often covered with a simple; “It’s the law of the land.” I’m not sure where the word originated but someone of late has referred to abortion clinics as “abortuaries,” a term that should invoke national shame.

Stretching the credulity of the humblest minds today’s stop academics and scientists send probes across our solar system looking for the source or beginnings of life but don’t seem to know when life begins in a mother’s womb. Most children know that life begins at the beginning (conception) without studying Hegel’s Science of Logic. Today’s top minds say the God who can’t lie (2 Tim 1: 2) must have been mistaken when he referred to himself as the creator of everything well over forty times in the scripture. The convulsions of the modern mind do not end here but the final chapter is yet to come.

Every choice regarding gender, trans-gender, sexual preferences or the promotion and promulgation of sexually deviant materials will have almost no limits. Prurient interests will fly on every level from Hollywood to the classroom. The sense of the big party will create euphoria for a while, until people are forced to pause long enough to see that while they were reveling, the biggest political farce in world history is forming like a giant tsunami and is about to break out just behind them.

The pursuit of riches will take up the slack for the rest and out of that mindless hot pursuit will come a come a worldwide economic system that will enter and meddle with the details of virtually everyone’s personal finances. It will be a mandatory system without which no one will be able to buy or sell so much as a postage stamp unless they are included in it. George Orwell’s 1984 will come into its own and then we will see the only thing he may have had wrong in his un-nerving prognostication was the date.

Those with a gut sense that things are about to burst open have begun to take measures to avert the worst, howbeit, they have sought the wrong path. Today there is a flurry of gold sellers selling the public the idea that buying gold will assure their future financial security. I cannot help but make them angry by saying that gold will be worthless when these events are in full swing.

We hear the repeated claim that gold has never gone down in value. This is a complete lie because those who stocked up on gold when it hovered around $400.00 per ounce in the eighties saw it plunge rather than rise to the expected $800.00 per ounce that was predicted. But let’s go further back than the eighties. From 1933 to 1975 Americans were not permitted to own or hoard gold, gold coins, gold bullion or gold certificates under the executive order signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, April 5, 1933. The Antichrist’s complete control of our personal finances will also be subject to executive orders of the same kind.

If all of this sounds dastardly we must remember that no one ever said that prophecy was meant to titillate. Of the 167 Messianic prophecies that are found in the Old Testament all were fulfilled completely during the life of Christ but none of the less attractive aspects of them was left out. The brutal slaying of Christ on a cross was the worst death the ancient Romans could conger and every detail of that death was both prophesied and fulfilled in the last twenty four hours of Christ’s life.

There are about one hundred times more pre-millennial (Second coming of Christ) prophecies than Messianic prophecies and every one of them will be largely fulfilled in the last seven years of human history as we now know it. So why doesn’t everyone just tune in to these dire warnings and turn it all around?

Nothing new here; the first reason that we don’t pay heed to the warnings is because we will not take them into account. Science, academics, the media, apostate churches and the general attitudes of most people is one of skepticism and doubt. The second prevailing reason they are not heeded is that age old matter of unbelief. The “seeing is believing” crowd will get what they want but, it will be a moment too late.

I usually appendage my work with an appropriate scripture passage to complete or embellish the points and drive home a sense of urgency to my readers. This time I will use a message garnered from the annals of American southern gospel music. In 1917 the song “Life’s Railway to Heaven was copyrighted and later was printed and popularized in Chicago in 1933. The words came from the pen of M.E. Abbey and the music was written by Charlie D. Tillman.

Abbey says that all of life is like a mountain railroad a metaphor few people find hard to understand.

Life is like a mountain railroad, with an engineer that’s brave;
We must make the run successful, from the cradle to the grave;
Watch the curves, the fills, the tunnels; never falter, never quail;
Keep your hand upon the throttle, and your eye upon the rail.

The question that is posed by Abbey’s prose is, just how could anyone keep a powerful fast moving train from de-railing in times that are roaring louder than the old train whistle itself? As with so many of life’s best solutions for problems the answer is simple yet profound. In the next verse Tillman explains.

You will often find obstructions; look for storms of wind and rain;
On a fill, or curve, or trestle, they will almost ditch your train;
Put your trust alone in Jesus; never falter, never fail;
Keep your hand upon the throttle, and your eye upon the rail.

Your weight is found on what or whom you trust. If you trust government, your riches, gold, the Antichrist, the new liberalism or apostate churches the result will always be; a ditched train.